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Dear Basketball shooting coach,
Really love the PDF,
It teaches me a lot about shooting, and even more.
J. from Hong Kong

Hey coach just finished reading up your shooting book for the second time your principles have really made my shooting improve.
My name is C....,
I just finished reading your book, and found it exactly what i needed to read. I have begun the first part of the system, just practicing off the top corner of the glass and can already feel my confidence as a shooter growing.
First off let me say that I was amazed at how much I learned when I read your manual on shooting earlier this spring and saw a significant improvement in my shot.
Your eBook is great. Thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
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Welcome To Basketball Player Brain Training


Basketball BrainTrain Your Body First - Then Train Your Brain To Use Your Body.

You want to be a GREAT basketball player? 
First train [condition] your body.  Before Doing Anything Else - Train [condition] your body!
Then train your vision - then train your vision to train your brain - then train your brain to use your [conditioned] body. 
Almost all basketball players leave out two of the above three steps.

Vision is the 'Key' to brain training.  You need to know how to use your vision for brain training.  You need to know where to use your vision for brain training.  You need to know when to use your vision for brain training.  Your vision will train your brain to put you in 'the zone' when your brain knows how to recognize triggers your vision is sending.  But first you must train your eyes [vision] not only where to focus but when to focus and how to focus.  The wonderful aspect of this is there's really only two focal points for basketball players related to brain training.  You have one focal point when you're shooting and you have another focal point for the rest of the game.  This really makes a basketball player's brain training appear easy doesn't it?  You know why?  Because it is!  Everything seems easy once you know how to do it.  At one time in your life you found it literally impossible to walk (those of you who can).  Now, (for those of you who can) walking is just something that happens.  How do you think that happened?  Brain training, that's how. 

Your focal point for shooting is the metal hook on the far side of the rim (the net attaches to 12 metal hooks around the rim).  You train your eyes to focus on that hook on the far side of the rim and then together you and I will train your brain how to utilize that information, the 'mental aspect' of shooting a basketball, which will send your basketball shooting percentage sky-high!  Where ever you are standing on the basketball court and looking up at the rim one of those metal hooks is father away from you than the other eleven.  That hook farthest away from you is your target.  That hook on the far side of the rim from where you're standing or that hook at the back of the rim is your target.  Concentrate your vision on that hook when you're shooting!!!

The focal point for the rest of your game is your peripheral vision.  Peripheral vision and court vision are one and the same thing.  You train yourself to utilize all the information your peripheral vison is supplying your brain, then together you and I will train your brain how to utilize that information, the 'mental aspect' of playing basketball, which will give you unbelievable court vision!

Once you've done your part, focusing on that hook on the far sidbasketball player of the rim when you're shooting and using your peripheral vision while you're playing, then it's time for me to teach you how to enter 'the zone' at will by utilizing your two new basketball player brain training skills which will allow you to enter into and stay 'in the zone' for an entire game.  Download and study the book, Basketball - It's All About The Shot, and study this website.  Implement everything.  Involve your basketball coach and your teammates.  Your game will reach a level that shocks you and bewilders your competition.  You will have fun playing basketball at a level you have yet to imagine.

When you've conditioned your body and mastered these basketball player brain training skills, you will become a superior basketball player.  If all the players on your team also do this, you will be playing on a championship caliber team.

The book, Basketball - It's All About The Shot, is being shared by basketball players and basketball coaching staffs around the world.  If you and your team are not taking advantage of this valuable resource – your competition will be taking advantage of you. 

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