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Dear Basketball shooting coach,
Really love the PDF,
It teaches me a lot about shooting, and even more.
J. from Hong Kong

Hey coach just finished reading up your shooting book for the second time your principles have really made my shooting improve.
My name is C....,
I just finished reading your book, and found it exactly what i needed to read. I have begun the first part of the system, just practicing off the top corner of the glass and can already feel my confidence as a shooter growing.
First off let me say that I was amazed at how much I learned when I read your manual on shooting earlier this spring and saw a significant improvement in my shot.
Your eBook is great. Thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
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Basketball Plays Work Only When You Score?   "Basketball - It's All About The Shot"


basketball playsWhy do we run basketball plays?  To score?  To get players open for high percentage shots?  Most basketball coaches/players think of offense when it comes to basketball plays.  But defensive basketball plays can be devastating.  A full court press is the most obvious defensive play.  Basketball coaches use different defenses for different teams during different times of a game depending on match ups.  Defensive plays are designed to take advantage of defensive strengths and offensive weaknesses; intelligent defensive basketball plays force the ball into the hands of the weakest offensive players by overplaying stronger players; intelligent defensive basketball plays force the ball to different areas on the court; intelligent defensive basketball plays can force bad shots and insure an 80% success rate of pulling down the rebound and initiating fast breaks.  Aggressive, well designed defenses actually dictate the offense

Like offense, defensive basketball plays must be planned two, three, and four steps ahead - like a chess match.  Designing defensive basketball plays is more difficult than designing offensive basketball plays but much more rewarding and exciting.  Successful defensive basketball plays really fire a team up and devastate the opposition.  Defensive basketball plays exploit weak links in the offense and create mismatches (mismatches can be created on both ends of the court).  Mismatches create mistakes and force turn overs.  

John Stockton and Carl Malone, of the Utah Jazz, scored thousands of points running the give and go offensive play in the NBA.  Everybody on the court knew they were going to run the play yet the defense was unable to prevent them from scoring on this give and go the most basic of basketball plays.  Dare them to stop you.  I watch many younger basketball players from 8 to 22 play basketball and seldom do I see a give and go run.  Frankly it doesn't make any sense.  Little league coaches, grade school coaches, high school coaches, AAU and college coaches spend too much time complicating this game of basketball.  Elaborate plays seldom work and shouldn't even be run if the players can't run a simple give and go or understand the simple pick and roll.  That's like learning to shoot free throws before learning to shoot lay ups

When your team is very comfortable integrating the pick and roll with the give and go you will have accomplished the following: Your team will be shooting lay-ups on most of your offensive half-court plays.  During the flow of the game your team's offense will be on auto-pilot while you watch them improvise their way through the opposition's defense.  Since you're not relying solely on jump shooters and elaborate plays to provide offense you'll find you're able to substitute at will without losing effectiveness, thereby keeping fresh legs on the court at all times.

Experiment with your practice basketball drills.  Design multiple basketball drills teaching the same things differently always keeping game conditions in mind.  The more game situations you can replicate in practice the more smoothly your basketball plays will run in a game.  Practices define the attitude of a team.  This attitude becomes ingrained in the hearts and minds of your players and becomes the definition of your team.  Players and teams play what and how they practicePractices become learned behaviors exhibited on the basketball court during basketball games.  Practices Define The Attitude Of Your Team. 

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basketball shooting drillsbasketball shooting tips
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